Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cheap Healthy Lunch In The City? Banh Mi Again...

I work in the North end of the CBD and have done for quite sometime. I have found the cheap eats, the decent food for good value and the outrageously expensive. The food I think is by far the best value in the city is Asian food. And I think after my extensive research I have found my favourite cheap eat.

You may think I have an addiction to Asian food. I think it probably has something to do with living in a city that’s population is now almost one-fifth Asian ancestry. Also I went on a little tour around Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong earlier this year and bought the taste for the food back with me.

The Hunter Connection has about 40 little eateries in their very busy food court of which about 5 of those are Vietnamese food. I have now tried each and every one in there but I keep going back to the same family run pork roll shop.

Phuong Vietnamese Pork Rolls
Hunter Connection Food Court
George Street Sydney

Price tag is right:
Pork Rolls $4
Chicken Rolls $4.5 (pictured)
Then there is all the other exotic variants, meatballs, bbq pork etc at $4.5

As I have written in the past I have had quite a few Banh Mi from around the city and beyond. I do think these are one of the best.

I guess the debate is are these actually good for you? Are they a healthy option to eat, well, almost every day?

There is no doubt a lot of salt (aka flavour enhancer) in the sauces they use. And there is also the mayonnaise.  But I guess one of the good things about is the massive dose of salad and the protein you get to feast on. Also I am a big believer that a bit of chilli actually helps you digest food so I am going to say it is healthy enough. I will ask my doctor next time I go in for a checkup. Hopefully I don’t have high blood pressure from all the salt and msg.

Phuong BBQ Pork Roll on Urbanspoon

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