Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to Vietnam: I Love Pho, Crows Nest

I went to Vietnam a few months ago. I did like the food and the people and everything about the country except, once I got back I found it to be so expensive in Sydney it was almost as if I felt like I was being ripped off.

I recall being in Hanoi and being served Pho and a beer for around about a buck! The beer (fresh beer) was pretty average and I must admit I didn't feel great afterwards but the beer was probably made with water from that big lake they have there.

Anyway, I felt like eating pho again as it is a  cold night in Sydney.

We had a bit of a feed tonight at a local restaurant in Crows Nest called I Love Pho. We started with a bit of bun xao for entree (about $12), after that we had Pho Tai ($12.50), which was pretty good. It's now almost 3 month since I got back, but I give it an 8/10. The chilli was delicious and the beer was cold so I can't complain. The few times I have gone out for pho in Sydney since I got back

Also, on a side note, I always recall the stock being really cloudy when it came out and it wasn't in this time around... You could almost see the noodles ;). The 333 beer was $7 (getting beaten up on price again) but it was cold and just what I needed on a Tuesday night.

Check it out here http://ilovepho.com.au/ or at 47 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest.

Some photos:

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