Monday, April 22, 2013

Traditional Australian Chinese by Sun Hing, Port Macquarie

I visited Port Macquarie again. It was pouring rain and late at night so I had to make a decision quickly. Eateries close early in Port Macquarie most of the time but when it's poor weather they tend to close as soon as they can get everyone out. 

We ended up dining in at a place called Sun Hing. The reviews on the internet paint a pretty poor picture both dining in and takeaway so I was't sure if it was the right choice but I was hungry and time was running out. 

We ordered soup all round, 2 entrees, 3 mains and dessert to share, drinks and tea and all up it came to $120 split between 4 people. It seemed pretty reasonable for the amount of food and drink (no alcohol) we ended up with. We took away about 5 takeaway containers with leftovers. 

The Food

It wasn't as bad as the internet portrayed. The Aussie favourites the sweet and sour pork and honey chicken had more batter than most fish and chips but it was tasty and we seemed to get through that. The prawn toast was nice and the san choy bow was really fresh as the water cress was really crunchy and delicious. I would say that the fried ice cream was pretty coconuty for my liking but I was slowing down by this point after gorging myself for 45 minutes.

In summary I would say that this is one of those situations where someone obviously expected something other than a regional NSW chinese restaurant and has hit tripadvisor or eatability to vent their anger when they got good honest Aussie Chinese. This place didn't portray itself as a five star authentic chinese restaurant (plastic plates and decor a dead giveaway) and from what I understand this place is has been around longer than me. 

The Menu

The Contact Details

Sun Hing Chinese Restaurant
112 William Street, New South Wales NSW 2444, Australia
(02) 6583 5667

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  1. I like Sun Hing, & thanks for posting the menu - we are local, misplaced it tonight & couldn't find anywhere else online that had it!! If you are in town again, I highly recommend Hot Wok as well, it is the dagiest place but has some cracking aussie chinese!!