Sunday, April 14, 2013

On The Hunt For Banh Mi In Chatswood

I wrote a post about the Banh Mi frenzy in Sydney at the moment. Whilst I love a good Banh Mi, I do get stuck in the habit of visiting the same over and over again.

I ventured up to Chatswood for a bit of a poke around. The three I had read about were:
Sweet Delight Bakery, Cherry Lane Bakery and Vina Bakehouse.

I am sure there are others up there and good ones at that, but I chose visited the suburb on a Sunday. Although very busy, there were a lot of food outlets closed. I started the adventure visiting Sweet Delight Bakery.

Sweet Delight Bakery, 224 Victoria Road Chatswood
It is down the end of Victoria Road near Bunnings and the RTA. Whilst it is a traditional Vietnamese bakery, the pork roll didn't have the expected flavours of a Banh Mi as per the Vietnamese definition. The bread was really good as it is a bakery but the combination of the fillings just didn't do it for me. As you can see the lovely lady making the roll was super enthused when it came time to adding carrot. The chilli and sauce didn't have the flavour I was used to and the pork was quite chewy. Prices started at about $4.80 which is at the higher end in my opinion.

Number two, Cherry Lane, Railway Pde was closed. Located opposite the Western side of the train station, I will get back here one day during the week and update.

Vina Bakehouse, L2 Westfield Chatswood

Last one was pretty good. Although it looked a bit pedestrian, I took the plunge not getting my fix at number two. I was expecting a ham salad roll but this ended up being quite good although expensive at $5 each. The chilli was definitely there and the pate was almost overpowering. The bread roll was also crunchy and soft at the same time.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

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