Saturday, April 20, 2013

DiscGo Charger coming to a venue near you!

There is an article on the Tech Guide website reviewing a new product which is being rolled out around venues in Sydney. I have seen these chargers in action and this is one of those ideas you wish you came up with yourself. With smartphones being faster, brighter or more powerful the battery capacity just isn't keeping up. 

The DiscGo Charger is portable mobile phone charger which allows you to charge your phone whilst your at a pub without being tied to a charging station. Unlike the competition, the DiscGo has innovated the free-to-use device to save people the hassle of sitting next a power socket. I have seen the Charge Bar chargers around the place, and to be honest I don't think anyone feels comfortable in leaving their phone sitting somewhere where it could get taken. In particular these days when your whole life in synced on our phones.

The DiscGo is in quite a few pubs in Sydney and will be rolled out across the country shortly. I hope they see success with this as it would be a good thing for trains, buses and even planes. 

Some more photos here:

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